Drupal Development

Drupal is a content management system as well as a content management framework and it is a free and open-source program written in PHP. It is commonly used as a back-end system for different types of websites including personal blogs and corporate, political, and government websites. The content on a Drupal website can be contributed by registered or anonymous users of the site, set by the administrator, and the Drupal core modules allow for easy content management.

The features of Drupal core include user account maintenance, system administration, RSS feeds, theme customization, auto-update notifications, and multi-level menu management among others. Drupal’s programming interface requires no programming skills for basic use and it can run on any computing platform that can support both a web server and a database.

The content management framework characteristic of Drupal allows for third-party contributed modules and themes to extend the functionality of the core without changing the core code. These modules and themes are able to flow nicely within the program because Drupal keeps these files isolated from its core files. The contributed modules available for Drupal include custom content types, views, image galleries, and panels among others. The contributed themes available can alter or replace Drupal’s default themes as Drupal separates theme templates in PHP from the HTML/CSS of the website.

These third-party contributions allow users to fully customize the look and feel of their Drupal site as well as the functionality and lay out on top of Drupal’s core functionalities.

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