Joomla Development

Joomla is a content management system that is also a free open source program that allows its users to build websites and online applications without the need of much technical skill or knowledge. Joomla operates with a model-view-controller (MVC) application framework which separates the data model from the user interface so that multiple views and interfaces can be applied to the website. This program is written in PHP with a MySQL database to store data and has over 10,000 extensions available to improve website functionality.

The core features of the Joomla program include user management, media manager, language manager, banner management, contact management, content management, polls, menu manager, template management, and extensions among others. The different management features of Joomla allow users to easily manage the different types of files and data of their website with easy to use interfaces. The user management feature allows users to configure personal options for the website including which users have permission to access, edit, publish, and administrate materials.

The content management feature involves several components of the website including media files, banners, and the article editor tool in which users can easily edit and implement content in the form of text and various media files within the structure of the menus of the website. The banner management feature enables users to not only create banner campaigns, but also set impression numbers and special URL’s to enhance the campaign. Websites created with Joomla can have customized looks with templates and extensions features.

The template is the main visual layout for the website and is comprised of several components including color scheme, fonts, and images and effects. A single template can be used for the entire website or different templates can be made for each section within a website. The extensions available for Joomla websites include plug-ins, modules, and language that can change the way content and menus appear and function. The templates and wide selection of available extensions make Joomla websites highly customizable in look and function and easy to build.