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When people are looking for a new product or service they no longer look for your service in the Newspaper, Phone book or the Yellow Pages. People are searching for you on the internet, as a matter of fact over 90% of people researching a new business to hire are finding their information on the internet.

Within the very near future the internet and social media marketing will be the only way to find what they are looking for, how much you will pay for it? And where can you get it?

Search Engine Marketing allows businesses and organizations to promote products, services, or campaigns across the web. SEM services involves the support and promotion of websites (SEO), social media marketing, and pages including business online profiles by mounting the businesses web presence, visibility, and reputation online. Search Engine Marketing is a part of business marketing efforts that is aimed at increasing traffic (the number of visitors) to your website from the search engines. SEM should also address conversion ("Turning Clickers to Buyers"). This can be achieved by increasing search engine visibility, i.e. the position of your site in search engine results for certain keywords that people type in the search box to obtain these results. SEM allows business pages (website and social pages like Facebook) to be present on search engine results pages (SERPs) and social media discussion channels through SEO, PPC management and other search marketing strategies:

PPC – paid placement or paid inclusion with search engines like Google PPC, Bing, and Yahoo. PPC or Pay Per Click is a quick way to get traffic to your site. We help you setup and manage your PPC account. Using PPC you pay a search engine and it guarantees the inclusion of your site in the index. Moreover, many search engines offer advanced pay-for-performance programs, such as showing your site / ad in the search results for keywords of your choice. These are the so-called "sponsored" results. Most commonly, you will have to pay a specified rate for each visitor that comes to your site from this search engine that clicks on these ads. This is the job of a PPC management administrator.

SEO – our search engine optimization services focus on organic (FREE) search placement and start with identifying the keywords your that are relvant to your business. The site content is then generated and optimized to reflect these keywords and to promote them acorss your site pages. SEO also involves competitive analysis and link building techniques which should promote the site ranking yielding a higher search engine placement for the site contents.

Organic rankings are results that you get for free as an outcome of your SEO efforts. That is, you create Website with rich contents and publish it, then a search engine robot finds the site and crawels and index. Now your site is available by search engines when people query or search for some keywords or key phrases contained within your pages.

Mastering both PPC advertizment and SEO with their proper combination can provide maximum search engine visibility. Because search engine algorithms keep changing, search engine marketers need to devote a good deal of time staying on top of the SEO industry and its trends.

The following are the main goals of Search Engine Marketing:

  1. Improve web visibility and get as much traffic as possible organically (FREE).
  2. Improve traffic quality: get high rankings for exactly those keywords that bring visitors with the best conversion rate.

Custom SEM Plans

Website Design and Support provides custom internet marketing plans including social media marketing, ORM and search engine optimization services. Our SEM plans are designed around your needs and business plans. The main services you will receive include the following SEM services:

  • Keyword Research - SEO, PPC management and other search marketing strategies starts with keyword research.
  • Content Development - "Content is King"
  • Link development and management services
  • Article optimization and publishing
  • PR optimization and publishing
  • Local search optimization
  • PPC account management
  • Social media marketing
  • B2B and B2C marketing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Online reputation management (ORM) - monitor your online reviews and reputation
  • Reporting/key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Sitemap - help search engines find your site
  • Organic Links: quality sites include relvant links to yours
  • Jump start and submit your site to
  • Block private contents using robots.txt

The SEO process includes proper targeted keyword implementation, relevant link building, and constant web analysis. SEO involves an initial build and a comprehensive maintenance structure to monitor targeted keyword position and increase site discovery.

SMM works in conjunction to create online presence, fresh content, and a social buzz. SMM aims to discover new customers through media and directory outlets. In addition, SMM involves reputation management to monitor web reviews. Review monitoring keeps an organization in touch with customers and helps resolve issues that arise.
High reviews and happy customers drive an incredible amount of business while SEO creates strategic means of discovery and website monitoring.

All of these services are in place to use search engines to drive more traffic to your sites; top of the search results means you will be getting traffic and could convert to customers. You will be supported by a creative and dedicated staff with outstanding design, SEM, SEO, and programming skills.


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