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How do you leverage powerful new marketing trends like online videos, social media marketing, mobile devices, and automated systems to generate dependable flow of well qualified leads and customers at a reasonable cost?

How else can you grow a program like this incrementally to control costs and get it to pay for itself as much as possible? Can you keep up or are you overwhelmed?

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Social Media Monitoring

Keep your Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter pages live.  Manage your social pages and track your online reputation via our online reputation management (ORM) and social media marketing plans. Increase the number of likes, plus ones, and followers while providing vauable information to your customers and followers. The following is a sample social media marketing tasks.

  • Create and maintain a Facebook account - increase the number of likes to the Facebook account and the number of likes for each page on the site.
  • Create and maintain a Twitter account - increase the number of followers for your Twitter account.
  • Create and maintain a Google + account.
  • B2B and B2C Marketing - claim or create new profiles to B2B and B2C media sites like,,,, yahoo local,, etc.
  • Social Bookmarking - submit your site to major social bookmarking site such as stumble upon and a like.
  • Online reviews managment - monitor your online reviews and control what customers are saying about your business, services, or products in different media channels.

Set up or claim your business profiles on all local and social websites including Yelp, Bidobee, Kudzo, Merchent Circle, etc. Fresh content - engage with your customers and provide them with fresh articles, PR, and, blogs on your products and services.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Improve your Online Reputation - MONITOR your online business profiles and REVIEWS with an ORM plan. Claim or create your online business listings and get found by millions of potential customers online. Monitor your reputation, your news mentions, your PR campaigns, and your online profiles. Check on trends and analyze media discussions for your company, products or services.

Respond to reviews, thank customers for reviews, and discuss your reviews with your customers.

Monitor your online reviews

"Reviews are here to stay" and customers are using every day to make buying decisions. Knowing what customers are saying about your business could make an impact on your customers and potentially increase your ROI. Read More >

Social Media Channels

Social media provides a great platform for promoting your business or services.  Channels like Twitter,  Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and Google+  enable you to complement your other promotional efforts, such as email blast, text/SMS blasts, articles and press releases.  In fact; Social media can be easily incorporated in all initiatives and give them an extra boost.  Make sure you include social buttons (+1, like, tweet, share in) that include counts to build social proof. 


Write and schedule a ton of tweets.  This language you use in your scheduled tweets need to correspond with the updates like new product or Website announcements, special coupon promo’s, etc.  Try to keep people on the edge of their seats in hopes that they continue to watch your Twitter account to get more information.  You don’t want to spoil all of the surprises, but you want people to know that you are about to announce a lot more information.  Keep up with follow requests and submit requests yourself.  Follow business in your industry and try to get them to follow you as well.   
Make sure to be responsive with the people who ask questions.  Show your industry knowledge by tweeting about other relevant contents.   Remember that people don’t want to just hear about your company.


Reminds people of times and events.  Post updates about your business but also include links to other promotional materials, whether it’s video or your landing pages.  Images receive a pretty good click through rate (CTR) on Facebook, so consider posting images on your Facebook page. 


These are other channels that are great to post photos to.  Make sure the description of these images include a link to your Website.


On Linkedin, you can use a similar tactic as Facebook by creating and publishing updates.  The professional network enables you to go one step further by posting information in groups that are relevant to your business.  Linkedin may even prove to be more beneficial than Facebook because it is looked upon as a way to network and learn more about your industry.  For instance we recently found that LkinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.


Don’t forget about the newest network on the block, Google+.  Even though it’s a new platform, it can still be very valuable to get in touch with some of your audience.  Google+ is a marketer’s dream to really segment messaging depending on who you want to get in touch with.
Utilize Google+ to segment between your different audiences.  For instance, you can share specific messages about your business with people who are in the same geographic area.  The networks strong tie to SEO also helps you increase organic traffic to your Website.


Another way to quickly grab the attention of a new audience is to create videos and publish them on YouTube  You can even use a screenshot of the video to include in your email campaigns.  The videos can be used promotionally, but also be adapted to play on your Website, as well.  Videos can feature any segment of your business.  Whatever content you feature, don’t forget to include your call-to-action in the video itself and post your contact information during and at the end for a long delay.

Why is Online Video so important?

Youtube is getting numerous views, every minute and its growing exponentially.    Videos  make it easy way for  your customer to engage with you.   Videos get your website exposed faster and easier than most any other  methods.  Your subject matter becomes easy to understand and advertises your company or product in an easy to comprehend vehicle, and the best part of it, unlike an advertisement  commercials which you will pay large dollars for  won’t disappear when the commercial runs its course so your videos populate on places like you tube and never disappear.