Website Design Company - Application Case Study

Web Site Design & Support business is growing and we need your help to expand our software platform by providing a complete, robust, and reliable customer management application. The application shall you will build is a CMR (Customer Management Relation) like application where it will store and maintain records of customers, orders, and other relevant business data. The basic requirement of the application is ability to add, update, query and delete all customer related records. Web Site Design and Support does not require a specific software development platform or a choice of back-end database (Oracle,MySQL,SQL Server), front end GUI interface (Java,C#,ASP,PHP) etc. .

The software should maintain a database of Customers, Orders, and Sales information. Users of the software shall have the ability to add/update/delete all information based on their access levels. All employees (including admin staff) will be identified by a unique login ID and given a password.

Web Site Design & Support general requirements for the software are as follows:

  • Any change in the database (add or update) the user ID and time
    of change should be stored in the database.
  • The system must respond to all requests within 10 seconds.
  • You can build a desktop or a web based solution.
  •  The software shall support the ability to:  store, update, maintain, and delete customer information including URLs, web sites designed, names, addresses, etc.
  • Store and track customer information Data including but not limited to:
    • Company/Customer Name name, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
    • Company URL, Web Site Title and Web Site Description
    • A list of keywords the customer is interested in targeting his web site for that are related to the customer's core business.
    • Customer's login ID and password used to enable the customer to view his/her own information.
    • Payment history (payment date, payment method (a drop down list of all acceptable payment methods, Paypal, credit card, cash, check)

Site Solution order requirements:

  • A customer can have multiple orders for different web sites (URLs)
  • An Order shall have the following stored information: order date, order amount, order payment, customer ID, and order URLs (a list of web site addresses that are designed with this order)
  • Order notes shall be stored for (one note per order and not per web site designed)

Design Solution Billing Requirements

  • Online payments (by customer or staff)

  • Track each customer's balance including billing history of designed site fees, domain name charges, web hosting charges

  • Track payments received for each order

  • Balance Due Notices

  • Receipt Printing

  • Reports: Customer Account Balance (Notice)

  • Account Activity Report

  • Invoices for all designed sites


& Support Solution Security requirements

  • Login is required for all users

  • Users can be divided into groups and access is granted on a per group basis (for example you may want to allow only the managers
    group to view, update, or delete billing information)

  • Web site customers shall have access only to their information