Word Press Development

Word Press

WordPress is a free and open source web software program that is used to create full websites and blogs. It is built around core software that was developed by volunteers and has plug-in architecture and a template system for a multitude of themes and plug-ins. This program also has a dynamic content management system based on PHP and MySQL. The friendly usability of WordPress and its versatility with the many available themes and plug-ins makes it one of the most used programs for websites and blogs.

One of the main features of WordPress is the ability to switch between themes. Themes are preset appearance packages with graphical details that determine the look and functionality of the website. WordPress users can download and switch between themes on their websites or blogs without changing the content information and there are over 1600 different themes available for download on the WordPress website. Another feature of WordPress is its plug-in architecture.

This architecture makes WordPress compatible with a wide range of plug-in software to add to the functionality of the website beyond the base install. WordPress has over 21,000 plug-ins available for download that serve many purposes from SEO functions to adding widgets. Widgets are modules that allow users to implement drag-and-drop sidebars and add functions such as slideshows and news sliders to their website.

The final important feature of WordPress is its multi-blogging capabilities. WordPress Multi-User allows users to create multiple blogs within one installation as well as manage each blog from a single dashboard. This makes it possible for users to host a community of blogs. Whether hosting a blog or building a website, WordPress has the tools to design impressive looking websites and blogs with relative ease.

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